Changes to Ignite’s Distance Learning Program

Ignite Distance Learning Parents,

Please read carefully about changes to the distance learning program

We are off and running!

We have heard you and we are happy to announce some improvements to our distance learning program.  Now all students will be able to attend their Project Day on the Lehi campus!  Parents can choose Wednesdays or Thursdays.  Please state your preferred day in the questionnaire that will be sent to you in the next few days.  This change will begin the week of Oct. 29th.

For those who live outside of the area, we will be providing the same experience in a community center/library near you.  Watch for specifics on locations in the next week.

Please take a few minutes to review the program and all of the amazing supports offered to you and your children.

Plan moving forward

Oct 17th: Discovery Space Center field trip at Canyon Grove Academy
This field trip is an awesome opportunity for all of our students in every area and will replace all Montessori and project days for this week. You can learn more about the Discover Space Center here.

Oct 22nd – Oct 26th: Fall Break
We will not hold any Montessori or project days this week. Enjoy your fall break!

Halloween Week
So that all students have an opportunity to participate in a Halloween party and/or parade the last week of October, we have planned the following schedule for the week of the 29th:

  • Oct 29th: Shortened Day: Layton Halloween party and NWEA testing
    Halloween Party Volunteer Signup: link

  • Oct 30th: Shortened Day: Spanish Fork Halloween party and NWEA testing
    Halloween Party Volunteer Signup: link

  • Oct 31st: Shortened Day: Lehi Halloween party and parade and NWEA testing (this is a combined day so that our Thursday group can participate in the festivities)
    Halloween Party Volunteer Signup: link

Nov 5th – Nov 7th: Start of Regular Schedule
Mondays – Layton
Tuesdays – Spanish Fork
Wednesdays or Thursdays – Lehi

  • Sign up for preferred day. Sign up link will be emailed this next week. Current Wednesday families will receive the link at 8AM on Monday and all others will receive it at 8AM on Tuesday.

Thanksgiving break
Nov 19th – Nov 23rd: No Montessori/Project Day

Winter break
Dec 17th – Jan 3rd: No Montessori/Project Day

Distance Learning Calendar

Overview:  Ignite Entrepreneurship Academy is a Utah public charter school. The distance learning program is available for Utah students in grades K-6. The distance learning program includes the curriculum you need, plus a weekly Montessori and/or Project Day. Students in the Distance Education Program do the majority of their school work off-site, primarily at home, where they experience tailor-made educational programs consisting of choices among paper-based curricula, online programs, and/or project-based learning. All curricula, materials, technology (ChromeBooks) and general supplies will be paid for by the school.    We also provide you with the necessary supplies, materials, and support to ensure that your child has the best educational experience possible.

Teacher:  We will provide you with a teacher to help you with your student’s educational needs. Your teacher will work with you to develop an individualized education plan for your student. You will have regular contact with your teacher throughout the year where you will continued support in following through with the outlined education plan and to discuss goals and progress.

Curriculum:  As part of an individualized education plan, your teacher will provide curriculum that will best meet the needs of your student.

Resources and Technology: We provide you with the resources you need to facilitate an enriching learning environment for your student.  Chromebooks are provided for student use as needed.

Project Day: Your child will also participate in a weekly Project Day. Project Day is held one day a week. The day runs from 9 am – 1:45 pm. For Lehi, you will receive information on how to sign up for your preferred day.

The groups are multi-aged with approximately 18 to 20 students each. Activities are project-based activities that are based on the Montessori method with an entrepreneurship focus. This means that activities are self-directed, hands-on, and collaborative. Students get to make creative choices in their learning while the Project Day instructors help to facilitate age-appropriate learning. Team-building, Social Studies, Science, Music and art make up most of the activities and will also cover Utah standards.

Field Trips:  Students may attend regular field trips created by the program teachers.  We offer families the opportunity for non-school-age siblings to attend as well. Transportation and supervision for the field trip is provided by the family.

Enrichment Opportunities: Students also have access to enrichment classes which may include:
● Music
● Physical education/sports program
● Art
● Technology

Assessments: Students will participate in school level and state level assessments to determine progress towards the State’s standards.

Communication: Your child’s teacher will contact you at least once a week. You will also have an opportunity to meet with her monthly to set goals, check out resources, turn in and check out curriculum, ask & answer questions, provide instructional insights, and overall provide you support as you facilitate your child’s learning and educational experience.  You are critical to the success of your child’s academic learning and we are here to support you in meeting your goals for your child.

We will also be using the school’s “One Call” system to text and send emails that apply to the distance learning students specifically.  You will no longer receive messages that are directed to the onsite students only.  However, many of the events are open to ALL Ignite students.

We are grateful for your patience as we build this program.  This is a work in progress as we find what works best for our students, parents and families.  We feel these changes will significantly improve the educational experience of our students.

If you have any questions about the program or changes, please contact your teacher. 

Thank you,
Zachary Jones

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